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Welcome to Affleck Chalet

Our aim is for you to enjoy Affleck Lodge as if it were your own home and this information is provided to ensure that you are aware of, and are able to, use the facilities that are available.

If you believe some information that would be useful for guests has been ommited, or if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us -

Antonia: 07769 923637;  

Richard: 07990 722019; 

Home: 01463 831574

Although the mobile phone signal is generally good in the Highlands, for most networks, please bear in mind that we may be working in an area where the cell signal is weak or unavailable – if you are unable to contact us straight away, on our mobile numbers, please send a text or call us on our home phone number and leave a message; we will endeavor to contact you as soon as we can.

Heating and hot water

The chalet heating is provided by four electric radiators – heater timings are programmed to keep the rooms at a reasonable temperature.

If you would like to adjust the heat output to the room, please set the dial on the front of the heater to ‘I’. Turn the dial back to ‘P’ when the room is at the desired temperature or before going out, to return the heater back to the programmed timings.

Should you wish to turn the heating off, please set the dial to ‘0’, then return back to ‘P’ if heating is required.

Please do not press the heater keypad, as doing so may affect the heater timings and overall room temperature.

An emersion heater is used to provide hot water for showering, washing up, etc.; it takes approximately 1 ½ hours to heat a full tank of water – for hot showers for all, you will need to ensure that the emersion heater is switched on.

Please help us to reduce our carbon footprint and its contribution to climate change by switching off the emersion heater, lights and other appliances when not required.

Care of property during your stay/damage

In the event of any breakages/mishaps, it would be very helpful if you could leave a note on for us, so that items can be replaced/repaired for future guests.

When drying clothing/towels indoors, please:

  • use the clothes horse provided for indoor drying purposes;
  • do not hang towels, clothes or any other item over the heaters - this would be a fire hazard;
  • do not place wet items on chairs or other furniture.

 Please note that:

  • clogging objects e.g. tampons, sanitary towels, nappies, etc., must not be put into the toilets or drains;
  • smoking is not permitted in the lodge;
  • pets are permitted in the lodges and the garden or woodland grounds by prior arrangement, only.

Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) – Passcode: 2de2d8fbe7

Wireless internet access is not guaranteed and is provided subject to third party terms and conditions.

The facility is not subject to any particular security/filtering measures and requires continuous parental supervision when used by children.

If connection is lost, reset the Wi-Fi by holding in the reset button (on the top of the Wi-Fi unit) for 10 seconds, release then wait for the continuous blue light to appear before attempting to reconnect.

If you use the Hudl tablet, please ensure that you log out of any sites used for email, banking, etc.; directions for use are in the guest information book.

R O K Espresso Coffee Maker

There is an instruction video for use of the R O K coffee maker here. If you prefer, there is also a cafetière. 


Departure times

The occupancy period ends at 10am on the day of departure; it is particularly important that the departure time is observed, so that we have sufficient time to prepare the lodge for our next guests.

Before you leave, please:

  • wash up and put away all used kitchen equipment;
  • place used towels in the bath;
  • empty the indoor bins – place all waste and recyclable items in the outside bins provided (see the Guest Information book for disposal/recycling information);
  • leave the lodge in a tidy state.

Rubbish disposal and recycling

The Highland Council provides a general waste and recycling collection facility for all properties – please segregate all waste items and place in the outside bins provided as follows:

  • card, cans and plastic in one black bin;
  • newspapers and glass in the other black bin;
  • all non-recyclable/general waste in the tall green bin;
  • dog waste (bagged) in the small grey bin.

*please rinse out all cans and bottles before disposal*

On departure

When you leave, please shut all windows, switch off lights, ensure heaters are set to ‘P’ and lock the chalet.

If we are not available at the time of your departure, please return the key to the key safe and scramble the combination dials.


…for choosing to stay at Moniack Lodges – we hope that you will find everything you need and that you’ll be comfortable!

We’re always happy to hear what our guests have to say about their stay, so please do tell us what you think (good or bad) – if you think there is something we could do to improve our chalet or if you had everything you could need….please let us know.

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