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All guests must make themselves familiar with the contents of this Notice. 


Under the terms of Part 3 of the 2005 Act and the Fire Safety (Scotland) regulations 2006, a Fire Safety Risk Assessment of each lodge has been made, and the findings recorded, and steps have been taken to reduce the risks associated with fire. The Emergency Fire Action Plan is displayed in each lodge.

Please observe the occupancy limits for your accommodation -

Maximum Occupancy - 

  • Smithywood Lodge:  2 persons, including infants
  • Affleck Lodge: 4 persons, including infants

The occupancy limits must not be exceeded.

Each lodge may only be occupied by the booked party. The Person booking the property (the Lead Guest) must be part of the group occupying the premises.

The Lead Guest must ensure that members of their rental group are aware of and abide by all the terms and conditions of the Booking Contract. 

Personal Emergency Egress Plan (PEEP)

We are required to provide adequate means of escape in the event of fire for all occupants, including those who require assistance. A Personal Emergency Egress Plan (PEEP) is in individual plan created for those who require assistance or special arrangements to safely evacuate a building in an emergency. If you have any special evacuation requirements, please complete this Evaluation Questionnaire.

Address for Emergency Services

Moniack Lodges, Moniack, nr Kirkhill, Inverness. IV5 7PR

what3words address

  • Affleck – ///canoe.copiers.head 
  • Smithywood – ///aged.mixes.blossom

Host contact numbers - 

  • Antonia Koczy - 07769923637
  • Richard Koczy - 07990722019
  • Office - 01463831574


  • On arrival, all guests must note the exits, locations of emergency lighting, fire-fighting equipment and instructions for use, and the Emergency Fire Action Plan in the Guest Information folder.
  • Keep the fire exit clear of obstructions that could impede your exit.
  • Directions for use of appliances are provided - please read the guides and use appliances only as directed.
  • Turn off all appliances and unplug chargers, etc., before you leave the lodge.
  • Do not leave appliances running/switched on when you are away from the lodge or sleeping.
  • Heaters must not be covered - a drying rack and outdoor line are provided for drying items.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the property. 
  • Smoking is not permitted within 10 feet of the lodge, open windows or doors.
  • A bin is provided for disposal of cigarette ends, etc. - this can be found outside the lodge, beside the lodge bins.
  • The use of candles, tea lights and ethanol burners, etc., is not permitted. 
  • The lighting of outdoor fires, the use of fire pits and disposable barbecues on the premises is not permitted. 
  • Children under 18 are not permitted to stay in the property unless under the supervision of an adult.

Fire Detection and Alarm System and Firefighting Equipment – The fire detectors are interconnected, mains-wired with battery back-up, are in each room, including sleeping rooms, and include heat alarm and carbon monoxide detection. A remote test switch is provided. Alarms are tested prior to each new letting period. Report any issues with the working of these alarms to us.

A fire blanket and fire extinguishers are provided, and fire exits are marked - please refer to the lodge plan for locations of firefighting equipment.

Emergency lighting is installed - in the event of a power failure, emergency lighting will automatically activate. Torches are provided for illumination outside, where required.

Please inform us if you use any of the fire safety equipment during your stay. 

Evacuation Procedure

Guests are required to familiarise themselves with the evacuation procedure upon arrival for their stay.

  • In case of fire, guests are instructed to leave the structure by the nearest exit and contact the fire service - Dial 999, then inform us immediately. 
  • Smithywood - exit via the front door, marked 'Fire Exit'.
  • Affleck - exit via the main door, marked 'Fire Exit'.
  • If it is not possible to exit via the door marked 'Fire Exit', exit through the nearest window or door. To fully open the window, first open the window until is stops, pull the window back in slightly (wide enough for you to reach into the internal frame), then depress the lever found inside the frame to release the window for opening wider.
  • When you have left the property, wait for the emergency services at the Fire Assembly Point, which is across the road from the lodges, on the grass verge beside the green 'Reelig Glen' forest walk sign. Check for vehicular movements and other potential risks, and remain on the verge until instructed otherwise.  

Wood burning stove (Smithywood only)

Operating instructions for the stove are on display in the lodge.  Following the instructions will minimise the risk of fire spreading from the stove. 

We provide seasoned wood and kindling that has a low moisture content and which has a lower risk of sparking.  Do not burn any other fuel or rubbish on the stove as it will compromise the condition of the stove and the flue, and may create a fire risk.

A fire guard is provided - directions for use are attached to the stored guard. Please get in touch if you need assistance with erecting the fire guard or with lighting the fire.

If you use the woodburning stove:

  • Use only the wood, kindling and firelighters provided.
  • Use only small amounts of wood and kindling to start the fire and for refuelling. Refuel only when the fire has reduced to embers with only one or two pieces of wood.
  • Prior to lighting the stove, empty the cold ash pan into the ash bucket provided  - take the ash outside to the bucket for disposal. The ash bucket is stored outside to the rear of the lodge. The ash bucket must not be brought into the lodge. 
  • Do not store wood and kindling inside the lodge.
  • Do not use the stove as an open fire.
  • Ensure that the fire is tended during the starting process.
  • Never turn the air supply control (dial on the front at the top) so far down that there are no clear yellow flames visible. 
  • Never burn overnight.
  • Be aware that the surface of the stove can get extremely hot so do not touch it or place any items on top of or close to the stove.
  • Don't leave children unsupervised when the stove is in operation.
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